Craving Biryani? Here are 5 places you Shouldn’t Miss

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Tastes differ and cravings change. Sometimes it is creamy Italian while at other times, it is the spicy Korean, but one thing for Asians for sure is constant and that is their love for Biryani. A dish full of succulent flavorful potatoes, soft chewy meat, and aromatic rice, and that is only the basic. There is nothing to not love about this dish. To get a taste of this exquisite cuisine right here in the heart of the city, these 5 places are worth checking out.


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Hajir Biryani
For tourists this might be a new name but for the permanent residents of Dhaka, this is one name they all grew up hearing. Hajir Biryani is one of the oldest Biryani places in the country and has won the hearts of biryani lovers everywhere in the city. According to customers, this is where you go to get an authentic Biryani experience where one can get their food wrapped in dried leaves for some extra flair.

Grand Nawab
This place in Old Dhaka is especially famous for its beautiful aromatic basmati Biryani that has just the right amount of juiciness to it without being too dry or oily and their mouthwatering Borhani and side dishes which complement the main dish like magic. It promises to leave one craving for more.

Delhi Darbar
To get a taste of authentic Indian Biryani along with the atmosphere, there is no place better than Delhi Darbar. The ambience is enough for one wanting to come back, time and time again. The Biryani has a beautiful sweet side taste to it which is hard to find, and their little kulfi blocks as a dessert complete the entire Indian meal beautifully.


Resorts in Gazipur Gazipur Resort Bandarban Hotel list 5 star hotels in Bangladesh 3 star hotels in Dhaka biryani


Sultans Dine
Renowned for their Kacchi Biryani, Sultans Dines popularity can be judged by the crowd outside of it. When people wait in line for 30 minutes for a plate of Kacchi, we all know how good it can get. One of the plus points of this place is the huge proportion which leaves people in awe.

Kolkata Kacchi
Considered another Kacchi lover’s paradise, this place is famous for their affordable yet mouthwatering Biryani. Although the space is not as grand, it has not stopped people from flocking in which makes it a must go for anyone who wants to get a taste of Kacchi when in town.

No other food can curb the cravings for this spicy aromatic dish. Which is why be it traditional or with a modern twist, the Biryani will forever remain a favorite for Bengalis. Our helplines can help you find of these places in an instant, from the hotels you picked at


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