What Bangladesh Plays Best

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Bangladesh has recently reached new heights with its achievements in cricket, however, it was once very well known for various other lesser-known local sports. Some might surprise you!   

Kabaddi happens to be the national sport of Bangladesh and they even regularly participate in the Asian Games for the esteemed sport. The Bangladesh team was once considered a fierce opponent in the sport but due to the recent popularity of other sports, its luster dulled.  

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Bangladesh football’s popularity has not declined and is widely played around the country by football players. Federation officials and experts are hopeful regarding the development of football in the country in the near future despite the current obstacles being faced.

Hockey happens to come right after cricket and football. While lack of management and administration has caused a decline in the sport’s popularity, Bangladesh is known to regularly participate in the Hockey Asia Cup and has also hosted its edition of 1985. The Bangladesh hockey Federation every year is known to organize domestic tournaments in the country, the most popular of which is the Premier Division Hockey League.

Swimming has always been a part of the lives of the Bangladeshi’s, and the country has produced a famous swimmer by the name of Broken Das who was the first Asian to swim across the English Channel and the first person to cross it four times. He was also the only person outside of the United Kingdom and Australia to win the title King of the Channel.


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Boli Khela
This sport is also known as Bali Khela and is a form of wrestling originating in Bangladesh. It is the national sport of Chittagong district. An event is held in the first month of each Bengali year and always takes place in Laldinghi Maidan.

Lathi Khela
Lathi Khela refers to stick fighting. This is a form of martial art which is practiced mainly in Bangladesh. The name directly translates to ‘staff play’ and a person who practices this sport is known as a ‘Lathial.’ The sport has a rich history. Eminent and rich people would hire lathials to protect them. Lathials were also a symbol of dominance and power for the rich and eminent people in the country. The popularity of the sport is declining due to lack of practice.


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Cricket at the moment is the most popular sports present in the country, overshadowing all others by its presence. The team goes by the nickname of the Tigers, after the Royal Bengal Tiger itself and the team itself consists of formidable players such as Shakib-al-Hasan known as the “all rounder”, Mashrafe Mortaza, Tamim Iqbal and Taskin Ahmed, to name a few.

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