Bangladesh Hotels: Some of the best hotels and regions of the country!

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Having adopted the cultures of the surrounding countries of Bangladesh. There are a lot of quality services that are being offered in resorts in various parts of the country. Getting a glimpse of the hotels in Dhaka; quality services in decent rates are possible.

If one wants to visit Dhaka hotels, check out the many places that you can opt for when vacationing. There are sure to be many hotels accommodating your needs and wants in the price range you’re looking for.

Three-star hotels in Uttar Dhaka such as Richmond Hotel and Suites along with Platinum Hotel and Residence, offer the best quality for a reasonable price. Other hotels to top the list include Sea Shell Hotel. If one wants a getaway from their busy schedule, plan a meeting or plan a vacation be sure to check these out.

hotels in Dhaka

Not to worry about security and WiFi, as these services are being offered in hotels in Bangladesh. Extra services may differ. Depending on the type of offers presented by the hotels and what tourists need.

The resorts in Bangladesh have so much to offer other than tradition, as most would think. Complimentary breakfasts, rooms featuring arrangements for families, couples and even solo tourists. Planning these exciting escapades are right under your nose! That too in decent prices.

The best thing about the resorts in Bangladesh is that you get a lot of price reductions on hotels during different seasons.

There can be a lot of tourists looking for sojourns rather than the usual long duration of stays that they want to opt for.

As for business professionals, those who have already visited the country would know what a great deal of hotels are present here.

Hotels in Bangladesh

Loyal customers have been visiting and staying in the same hotels that they had visited before.

Looking over at the North-East side of Bangladesh, if one is into Sufism, Sylhet is a must-see place! A metropolitan city with tons of cultures and traditions coming together. The religious sites and places have been the highlight of the town.

Landmarks that are famous in the town of Sylhet include the Keane Bridge alongside Ali Amjad’s clock. Tourists get to witness culture, art and the history of the town through the various hotspots.

Nearest Landmarks considering these places include Forts, Shahi Eidgah’s and so much more! If you’re up for some learning, head straight to Sylhet’s Keane bridge near the Surma River.

Hotels ranging from as low as 200 Takas to 14000 Takas! Imagine the variety! There’s something for everyone. Be it the Nomads, the adventurers, the corporates, the families; up for a peaceful vacation.

Resorts in Sylhet

Cheap hotels in Sylhet cover the basics. There may not be any air-conditioned rooms but arrangements are available if you’re looking for a place to stay or sleep the night.

You will find motels fulfilling the necessities. Food, shelter and clean bathrooms being ‘the basics’ offered.

Bangladeshi’s are very hospitable in terms of welcoming their guests. They want others to acknowledge their culture and not focus on the image portrayed by the media.

It’s safe to say that a lot of resorts in Sylhet do promote luxury, they have utilized their greenery and agrarian economy to their advantage. Incorporating it in their hotels as a bonus feature.

Resorts in Sylhet

The gardens vaunt over beautiful flowers that complement the fresh environment in these hotels.

The belvederes in the lavish resorts in Sylhet feature roof top balconies, with on-site restaurants. Food that highlights the Bangladeshi style along with the international cuisines as well. Don’t believe us have a look at the Nazimgarh Garden Resort.

Speaking of Nazimgarh, they even have a wilderness resort. Offering panoramic views of the colors around it. The emerald green water from the mountains nearby, the still blue skies and greenery surrounding the forests. Rivers can also be found nearby, offering a different experience altogether!


If you want to opt for budget friendly hotels Rangmati resorts are the place to be! Your economic solutions are a click away!

Now the question is…. what are you waiting for?



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