5 Havens for Workaholics in Dhaka

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Ever find yourself lost in your noisy surrounding, not being able to get any work done? Having truckloads of work to complete yet having no proper work atmosphere is a common problem for most of us. Then again, we cannot stop at that thought and not work now can we? Listed below are five unique places that you can rent, share, enjoy, but most importantly, sit back and get all your work done in peace.

1. Moar
What better place to work at than an office? Embark upon Dhaka’s new culture of shared office spaces with places like Moar. From young entrepreneurs to people simply looking for a quiet space to work, this beautiful place provides just the right amount of professional space along with facilities such as the internet, fax, kitchen and even “ergonomically correct” furniture for you to work in. Located at Banani, Moar has an airy feel to it at the 8th floor which provides a wonderful atmosphere for work. Plus let’s not forget the view.


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2. Hive
Moar is not the only place embracing this culture. Similar such places also include the Hive, located at Greenroad and it comes with no less facilities. From air conditioned offices to full speed internet, these shared offices are just beautiful, quiet and professional enclosements s with low costs that encourage efficient work.

3. Coffee World
If it’s not an office or your home, the only other place to get some work done properly are undoubtedly coffee shops. Coffee World, being one of the first pioneers of coffee in Dhaka, has one of those very calm and quiet environments that provides the right atmosphere for work or study, and of course, superb coffee.

4. North End Coffee Roasters
Being voted as the best coffee shop in the country should be proof enough of how good their menu is, however in terms of ambience, it’s no different. North End is super neat and the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans lets you lay back and meet deadlines in peace. Outlets in Badda are quieter than most others.


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5. Crimson cup
A cup of good coffee and crunchy sandwiches are the perfect company when you need to finish off some work real quick. The deep toned interiors provide a calm and subtle environment for clear thinking and maybe some studies too.

These spaces are all very different in terms of interior, size and location, however they all are very similar when it comes to the atmosphere and ambience, and hence are great places to work undisturbed. So book through Jovago to explore the beauty and  find the best places for enjoying work.  

Anisha Hassan


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