Meet Liubov Kostanda, an inspiring artist and photographer from Ukraine

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Jovago Bangladesh has recently interviewed Liubov Kostanda, an inspiring artist and photographer from Ukraine who tells us her experience during her visit to Bangladesh





Tell us a little about yourself?
I am from Ukraine. I am a freelance artist and photographer born in Crimea. I express my feelings and thoughts in photography, paintings, make-up and dancing. Photography always was the one from my biggest passions, both sides: as a photographer and as a model. The other my big passion is traveling around the world. I adore traveling. My travelings make me happier and allows me to learn new things and meet new people. And of course dancing, I am a girl who dance always and everywhere.  I have been living in China for many years for now and this year I will get my second masters degree here. And by the way I met my Bangladeshi friends also in China. Also I teach children and adults many things I know: from physics and foreign languages to make up and arts.


What was your primary reason to visit Bangladesh?
The first time I went to Bangladesh for my friends wedding in 2014. I met Fahmida in China, we have been studied in the same University there and became friends. One day Fahmida and Isam invited me to their wedding ceremony in Dhaka.

I liked Bangladesh and people there so much so last year came there again.



What was your perception about Bangladesh before your trip?
Before my first visit to Bangladesh I knew almost nothing about this country. Only some things I heard from Fahmida and read in internet.

How will you describe your trip to Bangladesh in three words?
Hospitable, colorful, hot.

How many places in Bangladesh have you visited so far?
Dhaka ( Curzon Hall, University, National parliament house, The central shaheed Minar, Armenian church, Lalbagh Fort, Ahsan Manzil)

Cox Bazar


Which are the three places you love to visit most in the Bangladesh?
My friends, Cox Bazar and Bangladeshi villages.

What aspects of the culture of Bangladesh attracted you the most?
I was always interested in eastern culture that’s why I liked Bangladesh so much. Its so bright and colorful, people are so wonderful and friendly. Also I like Bengali music and of course bright and gorgeous dresses.

What 3 places in Bangladesh will you recommend to your friends and family to visit?
Lalbagh Fort in Dhaka, Cox’s Bazar and the longest sea beach in the world there, Bangladeshi villages


foreigner Ukraine travel Bangladesh


Which places in Bangladesh would you like to visit in the future?
Sundarbans forest, St Martin’s Island, Khagrachari Alutila Cave, Patenga sea beach, Shiva temple in Puthia


As a foreigner what kind of challenges have you faced in Bangladesh during your visit?
I met 2 challenges:
1. I don’t speak Bangla and Bangladesh people almost can’t speak English, so I needed to ask my friends to translate for me
2. I can’t go alone anywhere and travel alone, I usually can travel alone everywhere but not in Bangladesh, it’s better to have a company for traveling in this  country


What, according to you, is the most compelling reason/attraction to visit Bangladesh?

If you like eastern culture, hot weather and food, great nature and warm-hearted people you definitely need to visit Bangladesh!


foreigner Ukraine travel Bangladesh


During your stay across Bangladesh, which hotels/resorts did you stay in?
I usually stay with my friends in Bangladesh, but when I was traveling to Cox Bazar we lived there in a wonderful hotel almost near the sea. It was very comfortable and people worked in the hotel were so friendly, helpful and nice. I liked it very much.


What kind of food did you enjoy most in Bangladesh?
Most of all I liked the special bread which we don’t have in my country, fruits and coconuts.


Share some of your best memorable moments in Bangladesh.”
Many of my best moments are related to my friends there.  Bright Bengali wedding, traveling to the ocean with Chandni, visiting all other places with my other friends I met in Bangladesh and of course great hospitality of all Bangladeshi people.

My first memorable moment was my friend’s wedding. I have never seen anything similar to these traditions before. The wedding included several days of different ceremonies with a lot of flowers, dancing, bright clothes and happy people. For one day of the wedding I wore gorgeous and rare Jamdani saree which my friends presented me specially for this day. Of course I couldn’t dress the saree by myself, I needed some help from my friends because dressing saree in the right way is a very complicated thing.

Also the great memories I have from my trip to Cox’s Bazar with my friend Chandni. It was the first trip to this place for us both. I adore the sea and of course I wanted to reach the longest sea beach in the world! And we did it! I fell  in love with Cox Bazar and the surroundings.

One day we were walking along the beach and met 2 kids who invited us for visiting their village on the hills where local fisherman and their families lived. It was unexpected and really interesting experience. Local people met us in the village, feed us and even gave me handmade souvenir made from seashells. I never stop to admire how Bangladeshi people are hospitable and friendly even to strangers.


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Oh, one more thing I really like in Bangladesh – it’s rickshaw riding which I first tried exactly there. Almost all foreigners prefer use cars in Bangladesh but I adore these rickshaw rides. Every time I came to Dhaka my friends leave with me very responsible rickshaw puller Kadimun who takes me wherever I need to go and cares about my safety.

In my  last visit to Dhaka I also took part in the preparation for the celebration of Mother  language day. Bangladeshi people are very patriotic and I was proud to be a part of this celebration. We made a special photo shooting for this day for Prothom Alo, famous designers afforded dresses in black and white colors which symbolize black words on white paper. This day is a very special for all Bangladeshi people and thank them for invitation to become a part of their life and this great day!

Bangladesh and Bangladeshi people are the part of my live I really like and enjoy. And I’ll definitely come back there again.


Do you have any tips/suggestions for that you would want fellow travelers to know about Bangladesh?
My suggestions to all travelers who want to travel to Bangladesh – it would be better if you have Bangladeshi friend who can help you, because almost nobody can speak English there.


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