10 must-have apps in Bangladesh!

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Smartphones have taken our lives to the next level and are making anything and almost everything more convenient. With our lives becoming hectic and our schedules being packed, we keep relying more and more on smartphone applications to make our lives easier.

From daily groceries to buying a new laptop, there are a handful of apps that can help any of us to have a better life. Take a look at the following ones when it comes to convenience:


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  1.       Food – You can undoubtedly try Foodpanda or HungryNaki for ordering food. It’s right there wherever you are!Let these apps make your desired food arrive right at your doorstep with a single click.
  2.       TravelJovago is always  the top travel pick and travelers no, 1 choice. Browse through the countless locations and see the travel costs – all segregated in a perfect formation.
  3.       Groceries – From eggs to chicken itself, Chaldal is a life-saving app. Flip through the list of all the groceries and get them delivered after a hectic day and save yourself from dragging the heavy shopping cart at a superstore
  4.       Transport – Everything is fair in love, war and beating the Dhaka traffic. So fly past all the deadlocks in a bike with the help of Pathao or an air-conditioned car. All thanks to Uber or Amar Ride for comforting commutation.
  5.       Hangout – This is related to food as well, but focuses mostly on outings. Use Harriken to see the complete list of restaurants and cafés available at your location.Moreover – search using various other filters, e.g. food, pricing etc.
  6.       Tickets – Whether you want to go on a vacation or want to meet your grandparents this Eid, tickets sell like hotcakes in times of the peak season. Shohoz, an amazing app is there to easily book your tickets whether it is to grab a plane, train or bus  and to save you from all the trouble.
  7.       Products – Browse through thousands of products and pick the one you want to buy using the Bikroy app. Get to know the seller and also get the option of bargaining with him until both parties reach a preferred price. Since it’s cash on exchange, there’s no worrying about product quality or verification.
  8.       Repairing and Maintenance – Whether you want to repair your television or get a rented car, use Sheba.xyz for all your daily appliance repairing, home relocation, cleaning service and anything in your home that you need a help with.


It has almost reached a point where the sheer thought of living without a smartphone seems impossible. Convenience is at its peak when it comes to app services being delivered in each sector. Reality is whether we like it or not, the world is connected via the touch of a button now that is indeed a solution everyone is looking for. We have truly come a long way from the sepia-filtered ice age our elders never fail to describe. Even they didn’t think of  booking a restaurant table in Sylhet from their cozy beds in Dhaka, these apps rule the convenience and serve comfort to users globally.


By Farhat Chowdhury Zishan.

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